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Please forward alison courses with free pdf certificates error screen to 46. Iversity is a Berlin-based online education platform. Courses are free and open for anyone to enroll and participate.

Many of them are conducted in English or German, but also other languages. Some of the courses were winners of the MOOC Production Fellowship held in early 2013. MOOC platform online in October 2013 and as of February 2015 has a user base of 600,000 online learners, enrolled in 63 courses offered by 41 partner universities.

MOOC platform offering courses with ECTS-integration. Bernau bei Berlin, Germany and Berlin. Initial idea and development of a beta-version of the platform in 2008 by founder Jonas Liepmann. This startup is said to have begun in 2011 and offered online collaboration tools for learning management with Hannes Klöpper as the co-founder and the second managing director.

A jury chose 10 of the best MOOC concepts out of more than 250 entries. 25,000 for the production of their courses. In October 2013 iversity relaunched as a platform for online courses, initially with 10 courses and 115,000 registered users. In January 2014 online learners were able to take the first paid final, on-site exams, through which iversity earned its first revenues.

In August 2016, iversity secured a new investment from Holtzbrinck Digital, after filing for insolvency in July 2016. All elements can be reviewed at any time.

Instructor and course participants can interact with each other in discussion forums. Instructors can use quizzes to get feedback on the learning progress of the course participants. Most iversity courses end with a final assessment or exam.

This track allows students to receive credits from their course and apply them to their university studies. ECTS Credits can be used at any European Higher Education Institution. A certificate that awards ECTS credits is issued once the participant has passed an on-site or online proctored exam.