Application of artificial intelligence in robotics pdf


Artificial intelligence is very interesting topic of research for many modern scientists. The concept of machine intelligence is really fascinating. It gives human a power to design something that can live application of artificial intelligence in robotics pdf its own.

The AI technology has become really advanced and its only matter of time when the machines will be able to learn almost anything. The machine learning algorithms are already very smart, however the processing power has been a challenge in last decade. Now with the big data and distributed computing revolution this problem has become easy to solve.

Many programmers and developers can start programming their own robots and other gadgets on their own. Below are a list of AI tutorials and other relevant resources for aspirants who are willing to advance in this field of future. Below are some dedicated online courses that focus completely on the AI concepts.

The website covers all the MIT courses in the form of lecture videos and online tutorials. Scope covering Search, Constraints and others and ends with the Course Summary and Inferences.

Here you will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. This is an intermediate level course and will take approximately four months to complete assuming a study of 6 hours a week. The aim of the course is to introduce the basic techniques and ideas of designing an intelligent computer system.