Brucellosis in humans pdf


Brucella canis is a Gram-negative proteobacterium in the family Brucellaceae brucellosis in humans pdf causes brucellosis in dogs and other canids. The species was firstly described in United States in 1966 where mass abortions of beagles were documented.

The disease is characterized by epididymitis and orchitis in male dogs, endometritis, placentitis, and abortions in females, and often presents as infertility in both sexes. Humans can be also infected, but occurrences are rare.

Males face the chance of infertility, because they develop an antibody against the sperm. This may be followed by inflammation of the testes which generally settles down a while after. Symptoms do not only include testicular inflammation, infertility in males, and abortion in females.

Another symptom is the infection of the spinal plates or vertebrae, which is called diskospondylitis. The combination of minocycline and streptomycin is thought to be useful, but it is often unaffordable.