Butterfly valve data sheet pdf


RX 20 14 butterfly valve data sheet pdf 16 18 20 1. FS-XRider seated low lift pallet trucksFU-X 20 FS-X 33 2.

3EXDHigh lift pallet truckfor double deck operationEXD18 1. This specification sheet, which conforms to VDI guideline 2198, provides the technicalvalues for the standard equipment only.

Different tyres, other masts, the use ofaccessories, etc. Vacuum handling system for easy and efficient order picking. EK 12 L TECHNICAL DATAIn accordance with VDI guidelines 2198, this specification applies to the standard model.

Alternative tyres, mast types, ancillary equipment, etc. EK 12 L STANDARD EQUIPMENT.

The tried and tested proportional valve technology togetherabsorbent mountings and elegant overhead guard. Automatic braking at end of aisle, various designs. Alternative tyres, mast types, ancillary equipment, etc. Different tyres, other masts, additional equipment etc.

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