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Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch series and the 7600 Router series, but has reached end of support status as of September 26, 2007. PIX was originally conceived in early 1994 by John Mayes of Redwood City, California and designed and coded by Brantley Coile of Athens, Georgia. The PIX name is derived from its creators’ aim of creating the functional equivalent of an IP PBX to solve the then-emerging registered IP address shortage.

At a time when NAT was just being investigated as a viable approach, they wanted to conceal a block or blocks of IP addresses behind a single or multiple registered IP addresses, much as PBXs do for internal phone extensions. When they began, RFC 1597 and RFC 1631 were being discussed, but the now-familiar RFC 1918 had not yet been submitted. The design, and testing were carried out in 1994 by John Mayes, Brantley Coile and Johnson Wu of Network Translation, Inc. Brantley Coile being the sole software developer.

Beta testing of PIX serial number 000000 was completed and first customer acceptance was on December 21, 1994 at KLA Instruments in San Jose, California. The PIX quickly became one of the leading enterprise firewall products and was awarded the Data Communications Magazine “Hot Product of the Year” award in January 1995. Howes and Pete Tenereillo, and shortly after acquisition 2 more longtime associates, Jim Jordan and Tom Bohannon.

Together they continued development on Finesse OS and the original version of the Cisco PIX Firewall, now known as the PIX “Classic”. On January 28, 2008, Cisco announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for all Cisco PIX Security Appliances, software, accessories, and licenses. The last day for purchasing Cisco PIX Security Appliance platforms and bundles was July 28, 2008.

The last day to purchase accessories and licenses was January 27, 2009. Cisco ended support for Cisco PIX Security Appliance customers on July 27, 2013.

In May 2005, Cisco introduced the ASA which combines functionality from the PIX, VPN 3000 series and IPS product lines. The ASA series of devices run PIX code 7.

Through PIX OS release 7. PIX and the ASA use the same software images. Beginning with PIX OS version 8. 2014 the software is known simply as PIX OS.

The PIX became the first commercially available firewall product to introduce protocol specific filtering with the introduction of the “fixup” command. The PIX “fixup” capability allows the firewall to apply additional security policies to connections identified as using specific protocols. Protocols for which specific fixup behaviors were developed include DNS and SMTP.