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This content of the present book was prepared for the ship model builders and furthermore for any person who are willing to form a general idea of some of the types of ships, which our ancestors used to navigate the seas. It is a fortuitous spin-off from a commission by a group of Dutchmen emigrated to New Zealand, to build two historic ship models. On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the discovery of the island by Abel Tasman, they made a decision to offer these two model ships of the daring seafarer to the newly opened Hobson’s Wharf Maritime Museum located in Auckland. Reconstructions of past vessel do help people to form a visual image of Dutch nautical history.

The book is remarkably comprehensive and will be greatly appreciated by the ship model makers and naval historians who will discover a true wealth of useful historical and technical information in a single volume. The text of the volume is a result of the cooperation of ship model maker and draughtsman who followed the process and recorded each step. Have a look and you be impressed. An excellent and classic book, one of the best available on the subject – it will provide readers with all information about living on board they would better get aware of prior to embarking.

There are so many interesting and practical tips that the content will be interesting not only to the future seafarers but even to the general readers. It has been already very well met by the readers who have found the content inspirational helping them to change their lives. Upon reading the publication, most of them have experimented with the solar power generation, growing food, sprouting using the information included by the author.