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15 of them under the age of 19 — who fell ill with E. O157:H7, a potentially fatal foodborne pathogen.

Soon after, Oregon health officials determined that the outbreak was caused by raw milk from Foundation Farm near Wilsonville in Western Oregon — the Salyers’ family farm. Four of the sickened children were hospitalized with kidney failure. Foundation Farm had been providing 48 families with raw milk. Raw milk is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill harmful and sometimes deadly foodborne pathogens such as E.

While many raw milk advocates say it has inherent nutritional advantages and even helps cure or ease the symptoms of ailments such as asthma and various allergies, most food-safety experts discount those claims as anecdotal, saying they’re not based on science. They also warn of the serious risks to human health associated with drinking milk that hasn’t been pasteurized.

O157:H7 infection typically include bloody diarrhea and other digestive-tract problems. In some people, this type of E. The misshapen or deformed blood cells can clog the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys, causing them to fail. According to the agency, between 1998 and 2011, 148 outbreaks due to consumption of raw milk or raw milk products were reported.