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This article is about the original 1997 game. Dungeon Keeper is a strategy video game developed by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts in June 1997 for MS-DOS and Windows 95. In Dungeon Keeper, the player builds and manages a dungeon, protecting dungeon magazine 70 pdf from invading ‘hero’ characters intent on stealing accumulated treasures, killing monsters, and ultimately the player’s demise. The ultimate goal is to conquer the world by destroying the heroic forces and rival dungeon keepers in each realm.

Multiplayer with up to four players is supported using a modem, or over a local network. Dungeon Keeper took over two years to develop, and an expansion pack, a Direct3D version, and a level editor were released. Midway through development, Molyneux decided to leave Bullfrog when the game was complete, which was the motivation for its success. The game received critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the uniqueness and depth.

Dungeon Keeper was re-released on gog. 2011, and on Origin in 2016. A fan-made mod, KeeperFX, was released, which fixes bugs and adds features. Dungeon Keeper was followed by a sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, in 1999, and influenced games such as Lego Rock Raiders and Ghost Master.

The player constructs and manages a dungeon, recruiting and catering for minions to run it and defend it from enemy invaders. The primary method of control is the hand, used to pick up creatures and objects in the dungeon, carry them around, and drop them.

The hand allows the player to ‘slap’ creatures and objects, and interact with them. The Dungeon Heart represents the Keeper’s link to the world. If it is destroyed, the player loses. Along with the heart, the player begins with a small number of imps, the generic work force for dungeon activities: they dig tunnels into the surrounding soil, capture enemy rooms and Portals, mine gold and gems, set traps, and even attack when desperate or threatened.

Imps are obtained by using the Create Imp spell. Slapping creatures forces them to work faster temporarily, but removes some of their health. Gold is obtained primarily by digging Gold Seams, and Gem Seams provide an unlimited supply, though take longer to accumulate.

Gold is used to build rooms, cast spells, and train creatures. To order the imps to dig a tile, the player need flag the tile. Throughout the game, a “mentor” will advise the player as to various happenings and problems within the dungeon.

After connecting the dungeon to a ‘Portal’, minions will arrive. Minions include dragons, warlocks, and the horned reaper, as well as undead creatures such as vampires and skeletons. As the game progresses, the player moves along a technology tree, unlocking further rooms and spells.

Rooms can only be built on tiles belonging to the player. The player is red and the tiles are coloured accordingly.