Eckhart tolle awakening to your life purpose pdf


A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose is a self-help book by Eckhart Tolle. First published in 2005, it sold 5 million copies in North America by 2009. In 2008 it was selected for Oprah’s Book Club and featured in a series of 10 weekly webinars with Tolle and Oprah Winfrey. An article in Success magazine describes A New Earth as a “self-improvement book” that encourages its readers to live their lives in each present eckhart tolle awakening to your life purpose pdf and to create happiness for themselves without emphasizing material possessions.

Tolle’s intent is to change the way human beings think, and he envisions a world population that is increasingly humble, enlightened and pure. According to Tolle, the book’s purpose “is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness”.

In the book, Tolle asserts that everyone can find “the freedom and joy of life” if they live in the present moment. The book describes human dysfunction, selfishness, anxiety and the inhumanity we inflict on each other, as well as mankind’s failed attempts to find life meaning and purpose through material possessions and unhealthy relationships. Early chapters of the book give simple explanations and provide a foundation for further concepts and ideas. In “Chapter One: The Flowering of Human Consciousness”, Tolle discusses the “inherent dysfunction in humanity” and proposes ways that readers may rise above it.

He then develops these concepts in chapters two, three and four by offering his descriptions of the ego and its “vices. In the book, Tolle defines the term ego as an “illusory sense of self” based on one’s memories and thoughts. In chapters five and six Tolle uses the phrase pain body to describe the human tendency to carry “an accumulation of old emotional pain”.

In chapter ten, “A New Earth”, Tolle gives his readers suggestions for implementation of his ideas in their personal life but cautions them by saying: “You are still an ordinary human. What is extraordinary is what comes through you into this world”. Oprah Winfrey selected A New Earth for her book club in January 2008, and in March it was featured in a series of ten weekly webinars broadcast on Winfrey’s website.