Fashion designing syllabus pdf


Spawns one lively little Ice Spirit to freeze a group of enemies. Three fast, unarmored fashion designing syllabus pdf attackers.

Small, fast, green and mean! Spawns six Goblins – three with knives, three with spears – at a discounted Elixir cost.

It’s like a Goblin Value Pack! These three Fire Spirits are on a kamikaze mission to give you a warm hug. It’d be adorable if they weren’t on fire. Spawns a pair of leveled up Barbarians.

They’re like regular Barbarians, only harder, better, faster and stronger. Small, lightly protected skeleton that throws bombs. Deals damage that can wipe out a swarm of enemies. A horde of melee attackers with mean mustaches and even meaner tempers.

A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. They’ll help you with ground and air unit attacks, but you’re own your own with coloring your hair.