Fixed fire fighting installations pdf


You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. ISO 3500:2005 specifies the principal external dimensions, accessories, filling ratio, and marking for seamless steel CO2 cylinders used in fixed fire-fighting installations on cargo ships, passenger ships, salvage vessels, heavy-lift vessels, tug-barge combinations and offshore drilling and production platforms, any of which can be serviced in port or in dry dock, in fixed fire fighting installations pdf to facilitate the interchangeability of such cylinders.

Your shopping cart is empty. If the facility being constructed includes the installation of automatic sprinkler protection which is proposed to be used in lieu of temporary protection, the installation shall closely follow the construction and be placed in service as soon as applicable laws permit following completion of each story.

During demolition or alterations, existing automatic sprinkler installations shall be retained in service as long as reasonable. The operation of sprinkler control valves shall be permitted only by qualified persons. Modification of sprinkler systems to permit alterations or additional demolition should be expedited so that the automatic protection may be returned to service as quickly as possible.

Sprinkler control valves shall be checked daily to ascertain that the protection is in service. During the construction of a building and until the permanent fire extinguishing system has been installed and in service, fire protection shall be provided in accordance with these orders. In all structures in which standpipes are required, or where standpipes exist in structures being altered, they shall, unless replaced by temporary construction protection, be brought up as soon as applicable laws permit, and shall be maintained as construction progresses in such a manner that they are always ready for fire protection use.