Galaxy note 2 manual pdf


This message will only be visible if you have it disabled. Galaxy Note 8 SIM Card Manager – Note 8 Guide and Galaxy note 2 manual pdf – Activate your SIM or USIM cards and customise the SIM card settings. The Galaxy Note 8 will have to pull out all the stops to help people forget about the debacle that was the Note 7. Have you just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and can’t work out where the SIM and microSD cards go?

Maybe you need to take either out as you’re selling your phone or want to transfer media to your computer? If you’re in a muddle, fear not as our quick and easy guide will talk you through everything you need to know. The Note family is best known for its large, high-resolution screen and S Pen stylus support.

Rumours say it could get an upgrade and integrate a new speaker. Trademark Office for the new stylus Note8.

For both of these guides, you’ll need the SIM removal tool that came in the box with your phone. If you can’t find this, you can try a pin or earring but unlike other phones, a toothpick will probably be too thick. Once you’ve got that in hand, here’s what you do. Calls: Select a SIM or USIM card for voice calls.

Text messages: Select a SIM or USIM for messaging. Mobile data: Select a SIM or USIM card for data services. Confirm SIM card for calls: Set the device to display the SIM or USIM card selection popup window when returning a call or calling from a message.