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Please forward this error screen to 67. This is Made In Chelsea TV star Oliver Proudlock after training with Nick Mitchell for The Six Week Muscle Plan! LEARN WHAT THE RIGHT PLAN Get lean workout plan pdf DO FOR YOU. THE “SIX WEEK MUSCLE PLAN” WORKED FOR A MAN WHO’D TRAINED FOR YEARS ONLY TO HAVE ARMS SLIMMER THAN A STRAND OF SPAGHETTI!

What Is The Six Week Muscle Plan? The Six Week Muscle Plan is your step-by-step blueprint to adding as much lean muscle as possible.

Proudlock added an incredible 6. All without adding an ounce of fat. And this was after years of frustration, misguided effort and even working with professional personal trainers.

In six weeks you are not going to go from being skinny to super hero: building massive muscles takes time. But what Nick will teach you is ways to add muscle far quicker than many so-called experts will claim is possible.