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Mary Roach gulp adventures on the alimentary canal pdf an American author, specializing in popular science and humor. Roach is noted for her curiosity and humor in addition to her research.

Her many humor-laced articles in various publications over the decades include her monthly humor column, “My Planet”, in Reader’s Digest. Mary Roach was born in Hanover, New Hampshire, to a 65-year-old father. Her family later moved to Etna, New Hampshire, where Roach attended Hanover High School.

She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wesleyan University in 1981. After college, Roach moved to San Francisco, California, and spent a few years working as a freelance copy editor.

She worked as a columnist, and also worked in public relations for a brief time. Her writing career began while working part-time at the San Francisco Zoological Society, producing press releases on topics such as wart surgery on elephants.

On her days off from the SFZS, she wrote freelance articles for the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine. In 1986, she sold a humor piece about the IRS to the San Francisco Chronicle. That piece led to a number of humorous, first-person essays and feature articles for such publications as Vogue, GQ, The New York Times Magazine, Discover Magazine, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and Wired. She has also written articles for Salon.