History of modern world jain and mathur pdf


Role of NGO, Pressure Grp. Role of NGO, Pressure History of modern world jain and mathur pdf. This article will make more sense, after you’ve read the first article on   Culture Answerkey-Analysis of Mains-2013 Exam. Class 11 TN State edu.

GK-descriptive coverage similar to Old NCERT, but with more eye candy fonts and photos. NCERTs, the Ancient-Medieval history is covered mostly in a random case study and sporadic topics here and there. Even the 1857-revolt and freedom struggle is superficially covered. These TN textbooks are available free of cost on the official site of Tamilnadu state edu board.

But problem: too scattered Because maths-science-history-civics: all subjects are given in single PDF files term wise. So, I’ve consolidated them, and reduced the image qualities for faster download. But if you already have gone through old NCERT or Jain and Mathur, then not much useful. Because contains culture, art, Architecture, religion stuff in details- the way we need: 100-200 words worth content.

Hardly useful because it contains world history before the imperialism. Initial part not so useful because Mughal, Maratha from administrative point of view. Not much culture stuff given. Rule of east India company, various governor generals, subsidiary alliance etc.

BUT again, if you’re going to read class12, then you may ignore this as well. Watered down version of class11, for primary school kids. Although some good GK stuff here and here, if you’ve time and mood otherwise ignore.