How to save pdf to icloud drive on iphone


Tap a link to open the PDF file. PDF files open how to save pdf to icloud drive on iphone in the Safari app. Tapping a link to a PDF file will display the PDF file in the browser. Pinch to zoom in and out.

When you’re viewing the PDF in Safari, you can pinch to zoom much like you would any website. Move two fingers apart to zoom in, and move them together to zoom out. Press and hold to highlight text.

If you want to copy text from the PDF, press and hold the text on the screen. Release your finger when the magnifier appears, then drag the handles to select text. Due to the way many PDF files are created, it may be difficult or impossible to highlight text. This will allow you to access the PDF at any time, even without a network connection.

Tap the PDF you are viewing in Safari. If you have another PDF reader, tap the “Open in” button instead then select the app.

Open the email that contains your PDF attachment. Open the message so that you can see the attachment link at the bottom of the screen. Tap the PDF attachment to view it.

This will open the PDF in the Mail app’s PDF viewer. Pinch the screen to zoom in and out. You can pinch your fingers together to zoom out, or move them apart to zoom in.