Islamophobia in europe pdf


Racism and xenophobia have been reported and investigated in Sweden. Roma, Blacks, Muslims, and Jews. Some ethnic minorities, for example Jews in the city of Malmö, are also at islamophobia in europe pdf risk to face threats and violence. The report Racism and Xenophobia in Sweden by the Board of Integration state that Muslims are exposed to the most religious harassment in Sweden.

Historically, attitudes towards Muslims in Sweden have been mixed with relations being largely negative in the early 16th century, improving in the 18th century, and declining once again with the rise of Swedish nationalism in the early 20th century. According to Jonas Otterbeck, a Swedish historian of religion, attitudes towards Islam and Muslims today have improved but “the level of prejudice was and is still high. Islamophobia can manifest itself through discrimination in the workforce, prejudiced coverage in the media, and violence against Muslims.

Following Germany and Austria, Sweden has the highest rate of antisemitic incidents in Europe, although the Netherlands has reported a higher rate of antisemitism for some years. Swedes agree with the statement: “The Jews have too much influence in the world today.