Kenan billing system tutorial pdf


Sending voice, data, picture, fax, etc. Examples include Phone, Radio, Television and Internet. Radio towers, Microwave, Satellite, etc. These are the charges taken from the customers on monthly basis against the service provided.

00 regardless you use it or not. These are the charges taken from the customers based on the service utilization.

For example, you would be charged for all the calls you made or data downloaded using your phone. Apart from monthly rental and usage charges, operators may charge you for service initiation, installation, service suspension or termination as well.

Telecom Billing is a process of collecting usage, aggregating it, applying required usage and rental charges, and finally generating invoices for the customers. Telecom Billing process also includes receiving and recording payments from the customers.

There could be very complex charging scenarios, which would be difficult to handle manually. Billing systems are high end, reliable, and expensive softwares, which provide various functionalities. It involves rating the products or services usage and producing monthly bills.