Land reforms in india after independence pdf


Agrarian reform and land reform have been a recurring theme of enormous land reforms in india after independence pdf in world history. Getúlio Vargas, who rose to presidency in Brazil following the Brazilian Revolution of 1930, promised a land reform but reneged on his promise.

However, the “social function” mentioned there is not well defined, and hence the so-called First Land Reform National Plan never was put into force. Throughout the 1990s, the Landless Workers’ Movement has led a strong campaign on favor of fulfilling the constitutional requirement to land reform. They also took direct action by forceful occupation of unused lands.

Their campaign has managed to get some advances for the past 10 years, during the Fernando Cardoso and Lula da Silva administrations. It is overseen by the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform.

Bolivian national revolution of 1952. Then, the MNR government abolished forced peasantry labor and established a program of expropriation and distribution of the rural property of the traditional landlords to the Indian peasants.