Les récrés du petit nicolas pdf


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The books depict an idealized version of childhood in 1950s France. The work started out as a comic strip, which initially ran in Le Moustique between 1956 and 1958, drawn by Sempé and written by Goscinny. However, in 1958 it became a series of illustrated novels instead, as Sempé preferred to just provide pictures. The books are told from the point of view of Nicolas himself, which gives the book a distinct and personal sense of humor.

The narration is a pastiche of childish storytelling, with run-on sentences and schoolyard slang used in abundance, and much of the humor derives from Nicolas’ misunderstanding of adults’ behavior. At the same time, adults are as much a target of the book’s satire as children, as the straightforward and uncomplicated worldview of the child narrator exposes the flaws of adult perception. This subversive element in Le petit Nicolas made it an early example of modern children’s literature that is centered on the experience of the child’s interpretation of the world, rather than an adult’s. He is sensitive and attached to true values like friendship, love of one’s parents, and has some sense of justice.

He is not good at arithmetic and is the smallest in his class. Clotaire : “He’s bottom of the class. Alceste : Nicolas’ best friend, “he’s fat and he eats all the time. Eudes : “He’s very strong and likes to punch our friends on the nose.

Geoffroy : “His dad is very rich and buys him everything he wants. Agnan : “He is ranked first in the class and is the teacher’s pet and therefore nobody likes him, but you can’t hit him as often as you’d like, because he wears glasses.