Major and minor scales piano pdf


Not to be confused with college majors or minors. In Western music, the adjectives major and minor can describe a musical composition, movement, section, scale, key, chord, or interval. Major and minor are frequently referred to in the titles of classical compositions, especially in reference to the key major and minor scales piano pdf a piece. Major and minor third in a major chord: major third ‘M’ on bottom, minor third ‘m’ on top.

Relative tonic chords on C and A. The difference between the major and minor chord may be seen if they are drawn in chromatic circle.

With regard to intervals, the words major and minor just mean large and small, so a major third is a wider interval, and a minor third a relatively narrow one. The other uses of major and minor, in general, refer to musical structures containing major thirds or minor thirds. A major scale is one whose third degree is a major third above the tonic, while a minor scale has a minor third degree. A major chord or major triad, similarly, contains a major third above the root, whereas a minor chord or minor triad contains a minor third above the root.