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Welcome to Wikipedia’s companies portal, which seeks to analyse companies by country and industry. 1 Our company was established since 8 April, 2015 and incorporate from ministry of corporate affairs government of India. Ministry of New and Mankind pharma product list pdf Energy, Govt. Bihar Renewal Energy Development Authority, Govt.

Ministry of MIcro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. National Small Industry Corporation Limited, Govt. Power Purchase Agreement with DISCOM, Ministry of Power, Govt.

Director General of Foreign Trade, Govt. FIO, Indian Trade Portal, CII Kolkata, EPFO, ESIC, ZED, BIS, ISO Certification. It’s besides the company carry on business as production and manufacturing of all types electrical and electronics, goods, instruments and apparatus etc. The carry on business as supply and services also.

We have a dedicated Team of Professionals. The rising cost of fuel oil compelled the Power industry to search for alternative energy sources and biomass in general and rice husks in particular were considered a suitable alternative for producing energy. We aim at becoming one of the major energy producing sources at Bleasy Power and communication Pvt.

Because, Power generation by using rice husk is a carbon-neutral and renewable source of energy. This process also has a role in improvement in the efficiency of the husk-fired boilers. Thus the former problem of disposal of rice husk as waste gets solved too and the power generated can meet the thermal energy requirements of the process industry in a more cost-effective manner even at grass root level. From the desk of CMD director_med It takes me through a process of salvation while I realize the immense opportunities hidden within the state of Bihar.