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Cosa cambia ora che la pizza è patrimonio dell’Unesco? Hamas chiama l’Intifada, scontri e feriti nei TerritoriL’Intifada per al-Quds. This article is about a commuter rail line. For the freight railroad company that owns and operates the line, see BNSF Railway.

An inbound Metra train arrives in Naperville. The BNSF Railway Line is a Metra commuter rail line operated by the BNSF Railway in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Metra does not refer to its lines by particular colors, but the timetable accents for the BNSF line are “Cascade Green,” like the paint of the Burlington Northern Railroad.

47 trains leaving Chicago each weekday, of which 31 run to Aurora. Of the 16 trains that do not reach Aurora, 5 terminate at Route 59, 1 at Naperville, 1 at Downers Grove-Main St. 5 at Fairview Avenue, 3 at Westmont, and 1 at Brookfield. 47 trains arriving in Chicago each weekday, of which 29 start in Aurora.

Of the 18 trains that do not start in Aurora, 6 start at Lisle, 1 at Downers Grove-Main St. 7 at Fairview Avenue, 1 at Highlands, and 3 at Brookfield.

The east end is Union Station in downtown Chicago. The line traverses Chicago and its western and far western suburbs to Aurora. BNSF employees and Metra owns the equipment. Metra trains on the BNSF line are dispatched by BNSF from Fort Worth, Texas.

The June 2007 timetable shows a 70 mph maximum allowed speed for passenger trains. Metra has studied the feasibility of extending the line beyond Aurora, possibly as far as Plano, Illinois. The railroad between Chicago and Aurora was constructed in 1864 by the Chicago and Aurora Railroad, which later merged into the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.