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Seven Social Sins is a list that was first uttered in a sermon delivered in Morality and politics pdf Abbey on March 20, 1925 by an Anglican priest named Frederick Lewis Donaldson. He originally referred to it as the “7 Deadly Social Evils”.

It’s a common misconception that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the origin of this list as he published the same list in his weekly newspaper Young India on October 22, 1925. Later he gave this same list to his grandson, Arun Gandhi, written on a piece of paper on their final day together shortly before his assassination.

Before Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi published the list in his weekly newspaper Young India on October 22, 1925, an almost identical list had been published six months earlier in England in a sermon at Westminster Abbey by Fredrick Lewis Donaldson. After the list, Gandhi wrote that “Naturally, the friend does not want the readers to know these things merely through the intellect but to know them through the heart so as to avoid them. This was the entirety of Gandhi’s commentary on the list when he first published it.

In the decades since its first publication, the list has been widely cited and discussed. The Compassionate Universe: The Power of the Individual to Heal the Environment. Gandhi’s List of Social Sins: Lessons in Truth. The scandalous gospel of Jesus: What’s so good about the good news?

122 states “Years ago, I was much encouraged when I discovered that Gandhi had a list of seven social sins that, if not resisted, could destroy both persons and countries. Mobilizing hope: Faith-inspired activism for a post-civil rights generation. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books. Gandhi’s famous list of seven deadly social sins.