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Fiscal Year 2017, about 0. 4 nasa the future is now pdf represented about 0. 818 billion per year over its fifty-year history.

Notes for table: Sources for a part of these data: U. Apollo program involved more than 34,000 NASA employees and 375,000 employees of industrial and university contractors. 83 billion in 2005 dollars.

Technological Progress and Commercialization of Communications Satellites. The discounted rate of return for this investment will have been 33 percent. A map from NASA’s web site illustrating its economic impact on the U.

The economic benefits of NASA’s programs are greater than generally realized. Other statistics on NASA’s economic impact may be found in the 1976 Chase Econometrics Associates, Inc. According to the “Nature” commentary, these 259 applications represent “. 25,000 to 30,000 Space program spin-offs.

23 million in 2013, impacting commercial opportunities. Space Race — landing men on the Moon — erased the perceived threat, and NASA was unable to sustain political support for its vision of an even more ambitious Space Transportation System entailing reusable Earth-to-orbit shuttles, a permanent space station, lunar bases, and a manned mission to Mars.