New motor vehicle act 2017 pdf


United States in 1966 to empower the federal government to set and administer new safety new motor vehicle act 2017 pdf for motor vehicles and road traffic safety. The Act was the first law to establish mandatory federal safety standards for motor vehicles. The Act was one of a few initiatives by the government in response to a increasing number of cars and associated fatalities and injuries on the road following a period when the number of people killed on the road had increased 6-fold and the number of vehicles was up 11-fold since 1925.

The reduction of the rate of death attributable to motor vehicle crashes in the United States represents the successful public health response to a great technological advance of the 20th century—the motorization of America. Many changes in both vehicle and highway design followed this mandate.

Enactment and enforcement of traffic safety laws, reinforced by public education, have led to safer behavior choices. Government and community recognition of the need for motor-vehicle safety prompted initiation of programs by federal and state governments, academic institutions, community-based organizations, and industry. NHTSA and the Federal Highway Administration within the U.

Department of Transportation have provided national leadership for traffic and highway safety efforts since the 1960s. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, established at CDC in 1992, has contributed public health direction.