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Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches, which follow the Byzantine Rite. The stand has holders for the faithful to place candles. In the Eastern Church, the various prayers for the departed have as their purpose praying for the repose of the departed, comforting the living, and reminding the living of their own mortality orthodox service book pdf the brevity of this earthly life. For this reason, memorial services have an air of penitence about them.

They tend to be served more frequently during the four fasting seasons. If the service is for an individual, it is often held at the deceased’s graveside. If it is a general commemoration of all the departed, or if the individual’s grave is not close by, the service is held in a church, in front of a special small, free-standing “memorial table”, to which is attached an upright crucifix and with a candelabra for the faithful to put lighted candles.

Near the end of the service, during the final troparia, all, either extinguish their candles, or place them in a candle holder by the memorial table. Each candle symbolizes the individual soul, which, as it were, each person holds in his own hand. In its outline it follows the general order of Matins and is, in effect, a truncated funeral service. Vespers, Matins, or as a separate service by itself.

Sunday because Sunday should emphasize the resurrection of Christ rather than the departed. A dish of Koliva made from wheat and raisins, which is traditionally used during Orthodox memorial services. Afterwards, it is blessed by the priest, who sprinkles it with holy water. The koliva is then taken to the refectory and is served to all those who attended the service.

After an Orthodox Christian dies there are special “Prayers for the Departure of the Soul” that are said by the priest. Then the family or friends of the departed will wash and dress the body and it is placed in the casket after which a special expanded memorial service called the First Panikhida is celebrated, following which the reading of the Psalter commences and continues uninterrupted until the funeral. It is also served on the numerous Soul Saturdays throughout the year. On these days, not only is the memorial service served, but there are also special propers at Vespers, Matins, and the Divine Liturgy.

Holy Thursday through Bright Week and on all Sundays throughout the year. Greek λιτὴ τελετή, litē teletē, i. The Romanian 2016 film Sieranevada features a parastas in a Bucharest apartment with documentary precision.

While the priest arrives, the family argues about several issues. The priest and his aides finally arrive, they sing and bless the home and the food that will be distributed as alms. A Wallachian ritual involving a suit is also a plot element.

From this comes the Greek name parastas which refers to standing all night in vigil, which in the early days was what literally took place. In calculating the number of days, the actual day of death is counted as the first day. God to undergo the Particular Judgement and is assigned the place where it will await the Second Coming.

For this reason, the fortieth day is considered to be the most important. Saturday is generally a day dedicated to prayer for the departed, because Christ lay dead in the Tomb on a Saturday. In some monasteries and large churches, it is customary to serve a Panikhida on every Saturday, unless a major feast occurs on that day.

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