Practical unit testing with testng and mockito pdf download


Чтобы выполнить поиск, нажмите “Practical unit testing with testng and mockito pdf download”. Write great unit tests using the most popular technologies of the Java world! Learn how to use JUnit, TestNG, Mockito and many other tools to unit test your code. Learn to write high-quality unit tests with the finest technologies of the Java world!

In two hours of reading, I knew more of the usage of TestNG and Mockito than after several days of Web crawling. Everything you wanted to know about writing unit tests with Java, but had noone to ask about! This book explains in detail how to implement unit tests using very popular open source Java technologies. It also discusses trade-offs related to the choices we have to make when dealing with some real-life code issues.

The book stresses the importance of writing readable and maintainable unit tests, and puts a lot of stress on code quality. It shows how to achieve testable code and to eliminate common mistakes by following the Test Driven Development approach. Every topic discussed in the book is illustrated with code examples, and each chapter is accompanied by some exercises. Nowadays every developer is expected to write unit tests.

While simple in theory, in practice writing high-quality unit tests can turn out to be a real challenge. Just send me a picture of the book on your desk.

Already have one of “Practical Unit Testing” e-books and now you want to buy the other one? If you want to buy electronic or paper versions of the Practical Unit Testing book for your team or company, then please contact me regarding the final price. I have already bought TestNG book, should I also buy JUnit version?

Both books are very similar so I do not think that you need both. The difference is, that each of them uses different testing framework for all code examples. Also, because of some differences between JUnit and TestNG, some sections were changed. For example, in JUnit there is nothing about test-dependent methods.

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