Principles of management study guide pdf


It is easy to get wrapped principles of management study guide pdf in the small stuff and lose sight of the big picture. While this can happen on the shop floor, it is much more prevalent in office settings.

Lean tool like takt time or Standard Work to an administrative process, even when the concept is not well suited to the situation. Over the years as a Lean consultant, I have identified a handful of principles that I use to guide the teams I am coaching. Following these principles can help teams keep the big picture in mind and can create a more effective Lean Office. Lean begins with a committed leadership team.

Leaders provide the foundation upon which all Lean efforts are built. They create a vision and develop the strategy to achieve the company’s goals. They recognize the value of satisfied employees. And they are the ones who create an empowered frontline team.

A company can have pockets of success with grassroots Lean efforts, but until leaders fully commit, Lean won’t thrive. A Lean office requires metrics and goals. Without metrics, it can be difficult to assess the impact of a change.

Furthermore, when teams lack clear, measureable goals, people will often unwittingly work at odds with each other. We offer a Metrics, Goal-Setting, and Data Collection Boot Camp to help your Lean leaders get up to speed in a hurry. A Lean office has standardized processes that are followed by everyone.

It is surprising how frequently people doing the same process follow different methods. Often, personal preference rather than objective facts drive the process.

When there are no set standards, it is difficult to improve a process for the whole team. Use our Lean training on Standardization to help teach your teams about how to create consistent processes. A Lean office uses 5S.

A disorganized office is an ineffective office. Once a standard process is established, build the office around that method.

Put things where they make the most sense, and get rid of all the clutter. Try this experiment: Download our free Interruption Log.