Programming in scala by martin odersky pdf


He specializes in code analysis and programming languages. Programming in scala by martin odersky pdf 2007, he was inducted as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery. In 1989, he received his Ph.

ETH Zurich under the supervision of Niklaus Wirth, who is best known as the designer of several programming languages, including Pascal. He did postdoctoral work at IBM and Yale University. On 12 May 2011, Odersky and collaborators launched Typesafe Inc.

Scala, and he currently serves as the chairman and chief architect. Coursera, namely Functional Programming Principles in Scala and Functional Program Design in Scala. Biographical notice on EPFL website”.

Cloud computing pioneer Martin Odersky takes wraps off his new company Typesafe”. A Conversation with Anders Hejlsberg, Part VII”. Preface to the Third Edition Java Language Specification Book”. Preface to the Java Generics and Collections Book”.

Biographical notice on Coursera website”. Functional Programming Principles in Scala”. Functional Program Design in Scala”. Interview with Martin Odersky about Scala Dr.

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