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AAV leaflet black and pvc plumbing fittings catalogue pdf. BSI KM 563462 – Stuctured Underground. Chrome Style Compression Waste And Traps. Compatibility Table Soil and Waste.

Health and Safety And COSHH Guidance Rainwater. Health and Safety And COSHH Guidance Roofline. Internal AAV Inst and Performance Guide . KM 572704 – Structured Soil.

Rainwater Diverter And Access Pipe. Waste And Traps installation guide. Wet Room Shower Trap_Layout 1. To select the gutter size appropriate to your requirements, two factors must be taken into consideration.

For further reference refer to BS EN 12056-3:2000 ‘Roof drainage, layout and calculation’. Gutter flow capacity is dependent upon system type, outlet position and whether gutter is laid level or to a specified fall.

The table above gives the required information based upon a Rainfall intensity of 75mm per hour and recommendations from BS EN 12056-3:2000. The four most common roof areas catered for are ‘Single’, ‘ Hipped’, ‘Valley’ and ‘Double Valley’ as illustrated below. The grey area denotes the area of roof that is calculated.

For a standard semi or detached house, with a ‘Single’ roof design, two calculations, one for each side, are required. Other roof areas can be accommodated, by using a combination of these four modules. Click on the link to the desired roof style, a calculator will appear on your screen, enter the dimensions, and the number of downpipe outlets as required. Once this has been completed click the calculate button.

The dimensions or number of outlets can be altered by clicking back into the calculator boxes. For a new calculation or to clear the information already entered click the reset button.

The results appear, which give three scenarios, ‘Outlet with no angles’, ‘Angle further than two metres from outlet’ and ‘Angle nearer that two metres from outlet’. The results page is printable by clicking on the ‘Print’ button on the calculator. This has been calculated using the maximum achievable flow rates for each system. Please enter details of the Single roof.

All measurements should be in metres. Best Hardware – Buffers, Pads, etc.