Savage worlds fantasy companion pdf


Dragons Set 1: Basic Rules. The Companion Rules set was written by Mentzer, with art by Larry Elmore and Jeff Easley. It was published by TSR in 1984 as a boxed set containing a 64-page book savage worlds fantasy companion pdf a 32-page book.

The set contains two booklets: Player’s Companion: Book One and Dungeon Master’s Companion: Book Two, which were edited by Anne Gray. The Player’s Companion covers information on character levels 15-25.

The book begins with commentary on the changes since a character began as an adventurer at level one. It introduces new weapons, armor types, and unarmed combat rules as well as providing details on running a stronghold and its recurrent costs, such as wages of the castle staff. The Player’s Companion details the new abilities and increases in skills, spells, and other abilities that accrue to members of each character class as they rise in level. This section concentrates wholly on human characters, treating dwarves, elves, and halflings separately.

Expert Set rules, they are capped at a specified maximum level. Further accumulation of experience points increases their combat abilities. It also introduces the optional character class of druid, presented as a special progression for clerics of neutral alignment. The Dungeon Master’s Companion begins with general guidelines on running a campaign and planning adventures for characters of level 15 and higher.

The introduction also constructs a feudal system to provide a basis for the dominions, which will be granted to or conquered by the player characters. This section ends with notes on the organization and running of tournaments. The next section is “The War Machine”, a method for coping with large-scale battles, especially those in the campaign’s background. This book covers running high-level campaigns, including mass combat, other worlds and planes, and new monsters and treasure.