Sound of music musical script pdf


Radio-drama version of “A Christmas Carol”. The dialogue is verbatim Dickens. Sound of music musical script pdf returns from the visit with the First Spirit. How to Produce ‘A Christmas Carol’ for the stage.

7 boys, 4 girls and 2 boys or girls. NOT a Broadway style musical, with a singing Scrooge or Tiny Tim.

I provide function the way film scores do–to support and color the drama. The 36 minutes of music cues are available as downloadable MP3 files. SFX–available as downloadable MP3 files.

He performs professionally, conducts workshops, and produces programs for hire. With a video, the speaking parts will be pre-recorded.

Christmas musical, The Big, Big Story. Purchase an MP3 to go along with your sheet music. Purchase a Custom CD to go along with your sheet music.

CD plus the cost of each song that you purchase. All orders must be prepaid.

20 fee for returned checks. Pay with a credit card over the phone. Christmas story was told was amazing!

Thank you and I look forward to next year’s program! The congregation was blown away.

They really enjoy the singing and so do the kids. God’s word into their lives.