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List of Catholic Church musicians is a list of people who perform or compose Catholic music, a branch of Christian music. Names should be limited to those whose Catholicism affected their music and should preferably only include those musicians whose works have been performed liturgically in a Catholic service, or who perform specifically in stabat mater sheet music pdf Catholic religious context. Paolo Agostino, all his surviving works are religious. Vittoria Aleotti, Augustinian nun and composer.

Giovenale Ancina, Beatified writer of spiritual songs. Caterina Assandra, Benedictine nun and composer. Thoinot Arbeau, Catholic priest who composed the originally secular Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Jean de Brébeuf, Canonized Jesuit who composed the Huron Carol. 3 polyphonic masses and other sacred music. Hermannus Contractus, Alma Redemptoris Mater said to have been written by him. Orlando de Lassus, late Renaissance composer polyphonic masses and sacred music.

Guillaume de Machaut, medieval French composer. Cristobal de Morales, Renaissance Spanish composer of sacred music. Josquin des Prez, composer of Renaissance polyphonic masses and sacred music.

Guillaume Dufay, worked for the Papal chapel, composer of Renaissance polyphonic masses and sacred music. John Dunstaple or Dunstable, early Renaissance English composer of polyphonic sacred music. Frederick William Faber, Catholic convert who wrote Catholic hymns like Faith of Our Fathers.