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Please forward this the car book pdf screen to 72. Please forward this error screen to 69. It provides information on civil, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical installation issues for the planning, design, construction, commissioning, modification, maintenance and decommissioning of filling stations, together with information aimed to minimise the risks from fire and explosion, to health and to the environment.

Updates to sections covering above-ground and below-ground storage tanks to reflect industry good practice. Updates to sections on vapour recovery to reflect changes in UK legislation and the uptake of stage 2 vapour recovery. Updates to sections on leak detection. Introduction of an Annex on safety signs and safety information notices for signage particular to filling stations.

Updates to sections on LPG to ensure alignment with UKLPG Codes of practice. Introduction of an Annex providing technical information on the storage and handling of AUS 32.

This third edition replaces the edition published in 2005. Although the book makes frequent reference to legislation applicable in the UK, it is anticipated that the general principles will be applicable in most regions internationally.