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Gender binary is one general type of a gender system. Sometimes in this binary model, “sex”, “gender” and “sexuality” are assumed by default to align.

For example, when a male is born, gender binarism assumes the male will be masculine in appearance, character traits, and behavior, including having a heterosexual attraction to females. The term gender binary describes the system in which a society splits its members into one of two sets of gender roles, gender identities and attributes based on reproductive organs.

Gender roles are a major aspect of the gender binary. Gender roles shape and constrain an individual’s life experiences, impacting aspects of self-expression ranging from clothing choices to occupation.

Traditional gender roles continue to be enforced by the media, religion and educational, political and other cultural and social systems. Major religions such as Islam and Catholicism, in particular, act as authorities for gender roles. Islam, for example, teaches that mothers are the primary care givers to their children and Catholics only allow cisgender men to serve as their priests.