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The male brain louann brizendine pdf free Female Brain is a 2006 book by the American neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine. The main thesis of the book is that women’s behavior is different from that of men due, in large measure, to hormonal differences. The Female Brain includes seven chapters, each one of which is dedicated to a specific part of a woman’s life such as puberty, motherhood, and menopause, or a specific dimension of a women’s emotional life such as feelings, love and trust, and sex.

The book also includes three appendices on hormone therapy, postpartum depression, and sexual orientation. The book sold well but received mixed reviews, because there was some controversy from feminist writers about the validity of some the content. Deborah Tannen, of the Washington Post Tannen writes, “Throughout the book, I recognized biological accounts for social behaviors I had observed and written about.

In a similar vein, she adds, “Anthropologists and linguists who have studied children at play have noted that girls form bonds by telling secrets. Here, too, Brizendine finds ‘a biological reason. Her ultimate position is one of cautionary endorsement: “Ideally, readers will sift through the case studies, research findings and scientific conjectures gathered in this non-technical book and be intrigued by some while questioning others, bearing in mind the caution that hormones and brain structure play a role in gender differences but are not the whole story.

Evan Balaban and Rebecca M. Academic feminists have given mixed reviews to The Female Brain.

Brizendine was given the tongue-in-cheek 2006 Becky Award, which is given to “people or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to linguistic misinformation”. The numbers had been taken from a book by a self-help guru and were incorrect. Brizendine later made some concessions to those who felt that this book overemphasised gender-based differences, saying: “Males and females are more alike than there are differences. After all, we are the same species”.

The Female Brain was loosely adapted as a romantic comedy movie of the same name in 2017. Brizendine served as the inspiration for the film’s main character. A Brain of One’s Own’.

Washington Post August 20, 2006. Evan Balaban and Rebecca M. Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference.

How different are male and female brains? List of Liberman’s other posts on Louann Brizendine’s The Female Brain at bottom of web page. The Female Brain’ movie premieres in Los Angeles”.

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