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For 54 years, she was the secretary to Federal Bureau of Investigation director J. Edgar Hoover, who the mislabeled child pdf her “indispensable”. She exercised great behind-the-scenes influence on Hoover and the workings of the Bureau. Following Hoover’s death in 1972, she spent weeks destroying his “Personal File”, thought to be where the most incriminating material he used to manipulate and control the most powerful figures in Washington was kept.

Bridgeton High School in Bridgeton New Jersey. In 1918, aged 21, she moved to Washington, D. Strayer Business College and George Washington University Law School.

Gandy briefly worked in a department store in Washington, D. Within weeks, she went to work as a typist for Hoover, effective March 25, 1918, having told Hoover in her interview she had “no immediate plans to marry.

Edgar Hoover, director of the F. Gandy worked for him from 1921 to his death in 1972.

August 22, 1921, he specifically requested Gandy return from vacation to help him in the new post. Hoover became director of the Bureau in 1924, and Gandy continued in his service. She was promoted to “office assistant” on August 23, 1937 and “executive assistant” on October 1, 1939. Though she would receive promotions in her civil service grade subsequently, she would retain her title as executive assistant until her retirement on May 2, 1972, the day Hoover died.

Hoover said of her: “if there is anyone in this Bureau whose services are indispensable I consider Miss Gandy to be that person. Theirs was a rigidly formal relationship. In all those fifty-four years he had never once called her by her first name.

Hoover biographers Theoharis and Cox would say “her stern face recalled Cerberus at the gate,” a view echoed by Anthony Summers in his life of Hoover, who also pictured Gandy as Hoover’s first line of defense against the outside world. When Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Hoover’s superior, had a direct telephone line installed between their offices, Hoover refused to answer the phone. Put that damn thing on Miss Gandy’s desk where it belongs,” Hoover would declare.