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The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin, who travels with his dog Snowy and friend Captain Haddock aboard a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean on an international race to find a meteorite that has fallen to the Earth. Tintin volume to be originally published in the 62-page full-colour format. Hergé continued The Adventures of Tintin with The Secret of the Unicorn, while the series itself became a defining part of the Franco-Belgian comics tradition.

The Shooting Star has received a mixed critical reception and has been one of the most controversial instalments in the series due to the anti-Semitic portrayal of its villain. The story was adapted for both the 1957 Belvision animated series, Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin, and for the 1991 animated series The Adventures of Tintin by Ellipse and Nelvana. A giant meteoroid approaches the earth, spotted from an observatory by Professor Decimus Phostle, while a self-proclaimed prophet, Philippulus, predicts the end of the world.

The meteoroid misses the earth, but a fragment of it plunges into the Arctic Ocean. Phostle determines that the object is made of a new material which he names Phostlite, and sets off to find it with a crew of European scientists. Accompanied by Tintin and Snowy, their ship, the Aurora, is helmed by Tintin’s friend Captain Haddock.