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Hey, Soul Sister” is a song by the US rock band Train. It was written by lead singer Patrick Monahan, Amund Bjørklund, and Espen Lind. The song reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is Train’s highest-charting song to date. As of September 21, 2012, it ukulele chord chart pdf download sold over 6 million digital copies in the US.

It is also the band’s most commercially successful single to date, reaching number one in 16 countries. September 21, 2012, signifying sales of over 6 million copies.

The song was not eligible for any Grammy Award in the General Field. At first, I tried to do it by using a guitar pick, and it didn’t sound right.

Once I got that down, then it sounded like the real deal. Brick by Brick”, Train’s lead singer Pat Monahan decided to record another track with the duo. I said, ‘I want to write an INXS-y song. So, they started playing kind of an INXS-y song, and I wrote the song ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ to it and the melodies and started to sing it.

And I said, ‘Man, this just doesn’t sound great to me. Pat Monahan, on wanting to write an INXS-y song. One of the guys, Espen, who’s like a huge star in Norway, picked up a ukulele, and said, ‘Hey, how about this? And it made the difference.

It made my words dance. These words were meant to dance with ukulele and not guitar. There’s super catchy riffs and melodies in it, which I think are way more important that any production trick or great-sounding vocal production. It’s kind of us going backward so we can go forward.

Hey, Soul Sister” is a mid-tempo pop song. Written in the key of E major, the beat is set in common time and moves at 97 bpm. B progression in the chorus. The song’s chord structure is arranged in an A B A B A B A form.