Verbs with pictures pdf


99 – Download and Print Instantly! Verbs with pictures pdf to these little audio files and pick the right answer. Are the verbs in a past or present form?

Cliquer sur STORIES, puis sur LEVEL 2. How often do they ? 7 pages in this activity.

The Simpsons are going to help you learn how to write and talk about your habits. Listen to this song and play the game. You know Mr Men, don’t you? I like peanut butter BUT I don’t like gaining kilos.

Look at the animation and answer the questions. Game on line: Create a Southpark Character, be imaginative!

In this worksheet, the names of various sports are introduced, and students learn how to speak about their likes and dislikes using the present simple. Pupils learn the structure like, don’t like, likes and doesn’t like. There is a speaking activity in which students practise the target language.