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Your purchase helps support NPR programming. In Night Vale, time is welcome to night vale pdf of joint, memories are unreliable, and pink flamingo garden ornaments might do you serious harm. The dog park is forbidden, the existence of mountains is deeply controversial, and teenagers can be 19 for decades.

But people also raise children, go to work, tend their farms, fall in love, all under the watchful gaze of a government agency as vague as it is menacing. In Night Vale, people experience several realities at once — and so do I, writing this review with a strange sort of triple vision. I want to look at Welcome to Night Vale as a stand-alone novel, and try to see it from the perspective of someone who isn’t already in love with the recurring characters, locations, and spatio-temporal anomalies of the podcast. If you had to imagine eyes in my palms to make those metaphors cohere, all the better.

This is Night Vale, after all. I loved it on all fronts, myself. But I think it’s worth thinking about how to approach it — as is appropriate when encountering any new and enigmatically purple thing.

Jackie Fierro runs Night Vale’s pawn shop. She can’t remember a time before she ran the pawn shop, and doesn’t think about a time beyond the time when she runs the pawn shop. But one day a man in a tan jacket carrying a deerskin suitcase hands her a piece of paper that says KING CITY, which never leaves her person no matter how much she tries to remove or destroy it.