Welcome to the monkey house short story pdf


Welcome to the Monkey House” is a Kurt Vonnegut short story that is part of the collection of the same name. It is alluded to in Welcome to the monkey house short story pdf Bless You, Mr.

Rosewater as one of Kilgore Trout’s stories. In the not-so-distant future, a criminal mastermind named Billy the Poet is on the loose and on his way to Cape Cod.

His goal is to deflower one of the hostesses at the Ethical Suicide Parlor in Hyannis. The world government runs the parlors and urges people to commit suicide to help keep the population of 17 billion stable. It also requires that the hostesses at these establishments be virgins on the basis that this makes the idea of suicide more appealing, especially to middle-aged and older men.

This drug is called “ethical birth control,” and was originally developed by a druggist who had been offended when, on a family outing to the zoo, his group were confronted by the sight of a male monkey masturbating. Billy is a member of a surreptitious group called the “Nothingheads,” people who refuse to take the government-required drugs. In the end, Billy lets Nancy go, but she is forever changed and, apparently, a convert to Nothingheadism. Billy leaves her a note attached to a bottle of birth control pills that says simply, “Welcome to the Monkey House.

She unites all the skills and virtues a suicide hostess has to fulfill: She is a virgin and convinced of the correctness of the laws of the government. She is an expert in judo and karate and holds advanced degrees in psychology and nursing. Furthermore, she is plump, rosy and six feet tall and wears the typical hostess’s uniform, which includes heavy makeup, purple stockings and black boots. She looks 22 years old although she is already 63.