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Bishops, Other Denominations File Amicus Curiae Brief In Supreme Court Case Of Arizona Vs. The Office of General Counsel acts as the source of legal advice to the USCCB and its Committees. OGC attorneys have special expertise in tax exemption and associated lobbying and political activity restrictions, Church-related social security and pension plan issues, immigration, international aspects of Church interests, education, civil rights, what is political development pdf-life, and communications. These areas are practiced in the context of church-state relations, and with particular attention to their impact on not-for-profit entities.

OGC also represents USCCB in litigation as a party or as amicus curiae and coordinates and supports the efforts of diocesan counsel in matters potentially affecting the Church. OGC attorneys also publish scholarly works and engage in public speaking on issues of law and policy.

Finally, OGC provides a framework for direct information, a series of regional consultations with these attorneys, and a national meeting for continuing education and discussion on the legal affairs of the Church. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.