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13 of the M1 motorway and is a tourist attraction. At the 2011 census, it had a population of 933. Woburn was first recorded as a hamlet in 969 and is found in the Woburn safari park map pdf Book of 1086. Cistercian monks in 1145 and granted to the first Earl of Bedford in 1538 after the dissolution of the monasteries, and Woburn Safari Park.

The village may have been called “Woburne Chapell” in Medieval times, in order to distinguish it from the abbey. Woburn has been burned down and rebuilt three times.

A mediaeval chimney fire spread due to the prevalence of thatched roofs and closely built houses. Then, during the English Civil War, the Cavaliers burned down much of the village and in 1724 a third fire destroyed much of the town, which was re-built in the Georgian style that remains today. During the nineteenth century, Woburn was an important staging post on a nationwide coaching network. The town had 27 inns and the first 24-hour post office outside London.

However, with Woburn Sands rather than Woburn being selected for a railway station, Woburn’s importance attached to its strategic location decreased. The population fell from 2,100 in 1851 to 700 about a century later. Under the 8th Duke of Bedford, a new parish church was completed in Woburn in 1868.