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For the American session musician, see Jonathan Yudkin. British physiologist and nutritionist, and the founding Professor of the Yudkin pure white and deadly pdf of Nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College, London. Specifically, he wrote that sugar consumption was a factor in the development of conditions such as dental caries, obesity, diabetes, and heart attack.

Yudkin’s failure to account for confounding factors led to harsh words from Ancel Keys at the time. Pure, White and Deadly was republished in 2012, with a foreword by Lustig.

Yudkin was raised in the East End of London in an Orthodox Jewish family that had fled the Russian pogroms of 1905. His father’s death left six-year-old Yudkin and his four brothers to be raised by their mother in considerable poverty.

After gaining his BSc degree in 1929 he briefly considered a career in teaching, but then discovered that he could sit an examination for a scholarship to the University of Cambridge. He matriculated at Christ’s College, Cambridge as a scholar, and graduated in biochemistry at the age of 20 in 1931. He worked for his PhD in the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge under the supervision of Marjory Stephenson, a pioneer of research in bacterial metabolism, who funded his work. His account of the phenomenon inspired the research of Jacques Monod, who later worked out a detailed mechanism for the induction of enzymes in bacteria and was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work.